123 Profit Reviews – New Aidan Booth System Legit or Waste of Money?

Want to launch an online business that doesn’t need to provide customer service or have physical products that take up room in a warehouse? Aidan Booth, a well-known marketer, and his business partner Steven Clayton are back with their three-step system for making hundreds of dollars daily. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of them, and it probably won’t be the last. The pair has years of expertise developing affiliate websites and internet enterprises, which eventually led them to decide to start training other aspirants. The purpose of this review is to provide information about their forthcoming 123 Profit debut.

What is 123 Profit?

123 Profit is a 3-step system that has been developed by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton to help individuals earn thousands of dollars daily. This system is especially recommended for those who want to increase their traffic and conversion rates, who need a different way to deal with the tediousness of copywriting, who need help setting up a store, and who ultimately want to gain access to a number of shortcuts that simplify an online business. The duo has since published a book that gives readers an overview of the 3-step system and some possible outcomes from his intriguing business strategy. In order to comprehend 123 Profit, we must first analyze this book.

What do we know thus far about 123 Profit?

To give people an idea of what they might expect from 123 Profit, as previously outlined, The Big Secret has been made public. After going over the book, we’ve come to learn that this system offers ways to receive a commission. For instance, website owners can now offer a “call-to-action” where consumers can enter their email addresses or any other simple piece of information. Once these consumers act, they are converted into leads and help the website owner make money. The idea behind this is that some leads might earn as much as $185 per lead, which can quickly add up.

So, what are the three core steps you ask? They include identifying a winning offer, setting up a simple webpage and driving traffic and converting them into profits. Below is a quick overview of what these steps entail:

Step #1. Identify Your Winning Offer

Finding “winning offers,” as Aidan puts it, is the first step. These are merely offers that have a high conversion rate. People must join an offer network, which will be covered in the LIVE Profit Lab pre-launch sessions, in order to access such offers (which are often focused on weight loss, credit repair, and skin cream, to name a few). In the LIVE Profit Lab event, Aidan and his team will go into further detail about why audience size matters and how to reach them to gain both free and paid traffic sources.

Step #2. Set Up Your Simple Web Page

A simple web page can be set up without the need for complex design or coding. Websites that are regarded as inviting frequently have a minimal word count and are really straightforward. It is important to reiterate the objective at hand, which is to persuade customers to scan the page fast and act. Otherwise, it will be difficult to generate commission from these visitors.

Step #3. Drive Traffic & Convert to Profits

Aidan intends to walk everyone through free and paid traffic sources, respectively. Depending on the offer and/or budget, one may choose either one or both. The expert asserts to employ a successful method that produces large amounts of traffic for the quickest outcomes. Even though free traffic is a fantastic place to start, Aidan still advises paying $5 to $15 each day to increase traffic. From here, it will be necessary to secure further funding, find other lucrative offers, and employ Aidan’s “CRITICAL scaling secret.” This secret will be disclosed during the previously announced LIVE Profit Lab event.

After skimming over this 55-page book, our editorial discovered that the 3-step system:

  • Is low risk and super easy to set up
  • Could generate anywhere between $10,914 each day up to $183,103 per month without selling any products
  • Could generate $1000 per 100 clicks
  • Could boost conversion rates to up to 62%
  • Eliminates customer service, inventory, shipping, and account issues among others

How to attend the 123 Profit LIVE Profit Lab Event?

The LIVE Profit Lab Event has been scheduled to take place on Monday, January 9th, 2023. Individuals must sign up for one of the following four time slots to listen in on what Aidan has to share:

  • Option 1: 11AM ET (or 10AM CT, 8AM PT, 4PM GMT or 3AM AEST)
  • Option 2: 2PM ET (or 1PM CT, 11AM PT, 7PM GMT or 6AM AEST)
  • Option 3: 5PM ET (or 4PM CT, 2PM PT, 10PM GMT, or 9AM AEST)
  • Option 4: 8PM ET (or 7PM CT, 5PM PT, 1AM GMT, or 12PM AEST)

Attendees may look forward to learning about the well-known 3-step system, 10 advantages it has over competing business models, beta-tester findings that support its validity, and much more during this event.

How much does it cost to attend the 123 Profit LIVE Profit Lab Event?

The LIVE Profit Lab Event is completely free to attend. Individuals are asked to show up 15 minutes before the scheduled session so that no one is locked out. To get started with the registration steps, click here.

Meet Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth [1] is well known for his skills in marketing and building a strong online presence to generate the most cash possible. He got his start in this world by mistake, yet he nevertheless managed to make it work for him. His inability to speak Spanish kept him from finding work when he first arrived in Buenos Aires. Naturally, he looked online for internet work, which made him aware of this area’s possibilities. He launched his first ever online marketing website in 2005. At first, he wasn’t making any money, claiming to have had the opportunity to at least eat at some of Buenos Aires’ best steakhouses. But this beginning laid the groundwork for the money to start coming in.

By 2006, he was comfortable with the internet and all of its features, so he started setting up basic affiliate websites. After much trial and error, he finally recognized the areas of weakness. By making the required adjustments, he was able to turn his affiliate websites and online stores into a successful business. In fact, he went on to form a team of full-time writers, graphic designers, and website builders, enabling his company to build over 1500 websites. While some tried and failed, others helped to recover their losses.

Eventually, Aidan met his mentor Brian G. Johnson, who helped him create training courses that disseminated his methods for making the most of Google search engine traffic. Despite his accomplishment, 500 of his websites later vanished as Google disclosed a change to its algorithm. He then understood the significance of diversifying as much as possible. There is always opportunity for improvement, and in order to start making those improvements, people must be willing to learn.

Fast-forward 2013, Aidan partnered with Steven Clayton to expand on several pillars to the business. These pillars include:

  • Niche websites and eCommerce stores
  • Online marketing training and consulting services
  • Small business marketing
  • Physical product brands
  • Software as a service
  • Hosting and domain registration

The expert claims that Steven’s corporate skills and prior work as a CFO truly helped kick their company ambitions into overdrive.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, 123 Profit is exactly what it says it is—a 3-step system that assists in positioning individuals to earn up to six figures. The three steps under consideration are choosing a lucrative offer, creating straightforward web pages, and generating traffic with the intention of turning them into commission. These stages, as simple as they appear, are highly layered. Hence, the motivation behind the LIVE Profit Lab Events. Currently, four separate time slots have been selected for Aidan to present a comprehensive assessment of his system and the outcomes of his beta-testers. Before making an investment, individuals have the chance to watch the system in action, which we believe is valuable.

We hardly ever observe the creator participating in sessions of this kind. If we do, it’s typically someone who has had some short-term success and is looking to increase their fortune further. Neither Aidan nor Steven fit this description. Both parties have years of expertise under their belts and are aware of the value of changing with the times. It is imperative to emphasize the latter, particularly in light of the nature of online platforms. Aidan frequently discusses change and learning since he has personally experienced the drawbacks of relying on the same tactics. This explains 123 Profit, which seems to be an upgrade over his earlier strategies. Particularly, while the resources differ, the steps do not. To find out more about 123 Profit, click here! >>>



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