The Seattle Sockeyes should replace Seahawks | Letter

Regarding the Reporter’s illustration in the Jan. 5 issue, the “less traveled” road to renewal for the Seattle Seahawks lies in a visit to the pro football “hospital” for major rehab and rebuild. Doing this right — getting it off on the right foot — requires first of all a name change.

Seahawks? What a dumb name. What’s a sea hawk, anyway? How did we get stuck with that moniker when our Puget Sound area is so blessed with the perfect name for a nasty football team: The Seattle Sockeyes. All in favor, say Sock Eye!

(If this were Cleveland, which lost all its games this year, fans must be even more upset than we are — and surely must be of a mind to kick out the dumbest pro-team name of all: the Browns. And Cleveland, too, has right under its goalposts the perfect new name: The Cleveland Cleavers).

R.J. Schon