My-Linh advocates for Bellevue families | Letter

I am writing to express my support for My-Linh Thai in her race for Bellevue School Board Position 5. I met My-Linh four years ago when she first ran for the school board and sought me out to learn about the district library program. I was struck by the sincerity of her interest in what I had to say and in her core belief that decisions should be based on what’s best for students.

Since then, My-Linh has communicated with hundreds of parents, students, teachers and community members. She continues to take the time to educate herself on various issues brought up by Bellevue residents and to advocate for local youth and families. Bellevue residents have benefited from My-Linh’s presence on the school board and for this reason, I encourage you to vote for My-Linh Thai for Bellevue School Board.

Jeani Littrell-Kwik