DreamBox Learning launches new data and analytics tools

The new tools will assist educators with tracking student progress and to close learning gaps.

The Bellevue-based K-12 EdTech Company, DreamBox Learning, has recently launched new data and analytics tools to assist teachers with tracking student progress and to close learning gaps.

“Now that students have more equitable device and connectivity access, superintendents and district leaders tell us they’re focused on evaluating which initiatives and digital solutions have been most impactful for their teachers and students over the last two years,” said Dr. Tim Hudson, Chief Learning Officer at DreamBox.

The company’s new analytics and reporting features include grade level proficiency reports, middle school student success predictions, and a Students Stats and Achievements page. The features were developed to accelerate student learning.

“Given that DreamBox’s math and reading programs are proven to improve student learning, we’ve developed exciting new features that give district administrators quick and continual insights about student growth, where intervention is needed, and how teachers can improve achievement for all students, regardless of where they start at the beginning of the year,” said Hudson.

DreamBox’s new Math Standards Proficiency Report provides districts, school and grade-level views on student proficiency, which will be updated and accessible throughout the school year. This allows educators to regularly view data, rather than waiting for an annual or mid-year assessment.

The expanded Predictive Insights report provides weekly updates regarding how middle school students are progressing towards grade-level learning objectives. Since algebra is essential to access and success within high-level mathematics, DreamBox Math has released over 100 middle school math lessons, which include 100% of algebra ready focus points for grades 6-8.

The recent launch of Lesson Highlights saves teachers time by providing insights about how students are problem solving and critically thinking with assessments. The insights dive into student thinking and solution strategies, which assists educators with knowing more about a student’s depth of understanding so they can better personalize learning.

The Students Stats and Achievements Page, which was requested and designed by students, assists with tracking progress towards learning goals and celebrates achievements.

To learn more visit https://www.dreambox.com/