Prep Notebook Level 9


  • Monday, June 2, 2008 3:59pm
  • Sports

Boys Track


Seattle Prep 49.7, Ingraham 40,

Eastside Catholic 33.3

Shot put- Drew Wate, EC, 45-5 1/2. Discus- Drew Wate, EC, 122-9. High jump- Alex Ballinger, SP, 5-8. Long Jump- Andre Anderson, Ingr, 18-8. Triple jump- Justin Henderson, Ingr, 37-3. 110 hurdles- Alex Ballinger, SP, 16-2. 300 hurdles- Alex Ballinger, SP, 43.5. 100- Jacob Harrison, Ingr, 11.2. 200- Jacob Harrison, Ingr, 23.4. 400- Jordan Ramquist, Ingr, 53.4. 800- Drew O’Donoghue, SP, 2:02.3. 1600- Andrew Walker, SP, 4:29.4. 400 relay- Ingr, 45.4

Skyline 106, Interlake 39

Shot put- Richard Silva, Int, 52-5 1/4. Discus- Richard Silva, Int, 147-4 1/2. Javelin- A.J. Francis, Sky, 168-8. High jump- Kasen Williams, Sky, 6-0. Long jump- Jason arks, Int, 17-11 1/2. Triple jump- Kasen Williams, Sky, 38-7. Pole vault- Jason Marks, 14-9. 110 hurdles- Matas Nasevicius, Int, 19.1. 300 hurdles- Victor Evans, Sky, 48.9. 100- Tommy Aarts, Sky, 11.7. 200- Jordan Kaatz, Sky, 23.3. 400- Dustin Bratten, Sky, 53.9. 800- Tyler Torres, Sky, 2:09.2. 1600- Sky, 45.0. 3200- Simon Sorenson, Sky, 9:52.8. 400 relay- Sky, 3:47.9.

Mount Si 77, Issaquah 49, Bellevue 49

Shot put- David DeCastro, Bell, 54-8. Discus- Josh Davis, MS, 161-0 1/2. Javelin- Owen Storm, MS, 151-9. High jump- Brandon Roddewig, MS, 5-6. Long jump- Kyle Hansen, Iss, 18-9 3/4. Triple jump- Kyle Hansen, Iss, 37-9 1/2. Pole vault- Brandon Roddewig, MS, 12-6. 110 hurdles- Jamal Atofau, Bell, 16.1. 300 hurdles- Ryan Tiernan, Iss, 41.1. 100- Frank McLaughlin, MS, 11.0. 200- Frank McLaughlin, MS, 22.0. 400- Frank McLaughlin, MS, 49.7. 800- Colin Alexander, MS, 2:02.6. 1600- Alex Partin, Bell, 4:19.8. 3200- Taylor Mesojednik, Bell, 10:07.5. 400 relay- Iss, 44.0. 1600 relay- Iss, 3:39.8

Liberty 74, Newport 71

Shot put- Prestin Mo, New, 40-11 1/2. Discus- Kyle Dennison, Lib, 147-10. Javelin- Kyle Dennison, 165-3. High jump- Jeremy Taiwo, New, 6-6. Long jump- Chris Freeman, Lib, 20-3 1/2. Triple jump- Clayton Yan, New, 39-2 1/4. Pole Vault- Blake McDonald, New, 12-0. 110 hurdles- Jeremy Taiwo, New, 15.8. 300 hurdles- James Dupar, New, 44.4. 100- Alex Leonard, Lib, 11.4 200- Chris Freeman, Lib, 23.2. 800- Mitchell Byron, Lib, 2:02.0 1600- Eric Bice, Lib, 4:48.2. 400 relay- Lib, 45.1. 1600 relay- New, 3:41.3.

Mercer Island 107, Sammamish 34

Shot put- Alex Myerson, MI, 41-6 1/2. Discus- Alex Myerson, MI, 137-11. Javelin- C. Martinell, Samm, 131-8. High jump- Ethan Spiro, MI, 5-4. Long jump- Ethan Spiro, MI, 19-5 1/4. Triple jump- Jordan Turner, MI, 40-0. Pole vault- Bryce Borer, MI, 14-6. 100 hurdles- Cameron Clark, Samm, 15.5. 300 hurdles- Matt Stahl, MI, 43.3. 100- Marcus Giambattista, Samm, 11.7. 200- Evan, MI, 24.5. 400- Bryce Borer, MI, 53.1 800- P. Fisher, MI, 2:10.56. 1600- Quinn Chasan, MI, 4:35.6. 3200- Sadler, MI, 10:20.9. 400 relay- MI, 46.5. 800 relay- Not Contested. 1600 relay- MI.

Girls Track


Seattle Prep 57, Ingraham 52,

Eastside Catholic 24

Shot put— Mookie Carter-Vincent, SP, 33-0. Discus— Ana Haberman, Ingr, 97-0. High jump— Laurie Reddy, Ingr, 4-4. Long jump— Maggie Bruns, SP, 15-9. Triple jump— Mara Isaacson, Ingr, 31-7. 100 hurdles— Taylor Williams, EC, 20.2. 300 hurdles— Marie Johanson, Ingr, 54.2. 100— Rachelle Ollee, SP, 12.9. 200 —Shanley DeFrancia, SP, 27.8. 400— Olivia Sylvester, SP, 1:01.8. 800— Jaclyn Rudd, SP, 2:38.0. 1600— Paelina Destaphano, SP, 6:02.1. 3200- Kate Jensen, SP, 12:14.4. 400 relay— EC, 54.7.

Newport 112, Liberty 38

Shot put— Christina Huff, Lib, 28-4 ½. Discus— Maggie Roe, Newp, 94-10. Javelin —Rebecca Teel, Lib, 113-3. High jump— Kayla Mills, Newp, 4-8; Kayla Mills, Newp, 4-8. Long jump —Kayla Mills, Newp, 14-4. Triple jump- Kayla Mills, Newp, 32-2 ¾. Pole vault— Rachel Wirtz, Newp, 10-0. 100 hurdles— Stephanie Dotson, Newp, 17.2. 300 hurdles— Jasmine Cho, Newp, 13.0; Hannah Robins, Lib, 51.6. 200— Jasmine Cho, Newp, 26.7; Jasmine Cho, Newp, 26.7. 400— Lanea Wilson, Lib, 1:08.3; Lanea Wilson, Lib, 1:08.3. 800— Emily Albrecht, Newp, 2:28.0. 1600— Natty Plunkett, Newp, 5:38.0. 3200— Jillian Raftery, Newp, 12:44.8. 400 relay— Newp, 51.4. 800 relay— Lib, 1:54.1. 1600 relay— Newp, 4:24.5.

Skyline 106, Interlake 39

Shot put— Haley Ziegler, Skyl, 29-10. Discus— Haley Ziegler, Skyl, 83-1. Javelin— McKensie Gelber, Skyl, 114-1. High jump— Marina Galbraith, Skyl, 4-8. Long jump— Kaylyn Berry, Skyl, 16-6 ½. Triple jump— Rachael Butenko, Skyl, 34-5 ½. Pole vault— Michelle Domini, Int, 9-0. 100 hurdles— Kiara Williams, Skyl, 16.4. 300 hurdles— Int, 52.7. 100— Rachael Butenko, Skyl, 13.0. 200— Montana Malarey-Kessler, Int, 28.3. 400— Michelle Ireland, Skyl, 1:03.7. 800— Haley Hunt, Skyl, 2:38.40. 1600— Skyl, 49.8. 3200— Emily Cheung, Skyl, 12:56.3. 800 relay— Skyl, 1:51.5. 1600 relay— Int, unknown.

Mercer Island 101, Sammamish 49

Shot put— Olivia Harvey, MI, 32-3 ¾. Discus— Monica Lee, MI, 96-11. Javelin— McCann, Samm, 67-1. High jump— Caroline Stephens, MI, 4-6. Long jump— Taylor Moravec, Samm, 15-10 ½. Triple jump— Janelle Chow, MI, 34-0 ¼. Pole vault— Alicia Mangubat, MI, 8-0. 100 hurdles— Tracy Vojik, MI, 17.3. 300 hurdles— Alexis Osborn, Samm, 50.7. 100— Janelle Chow, MI, 13.37. 200— Kelsey Salvo, MI, 29.4. 400— Taylor Moravec, Samm, 62.0. 800— Haley Piper, MI, 2:26.1. 1600— Haley Piper, MI, 5:25.28. 3200— Narvaja, Samm, 12:33.1. 400 relay— MI, 55.5. 800 relay— MI, 2:01.1. 1600 relay— MI.

Issaquah 79.5, Mount Si 70.5, Bellevue 45

Shot put— Jessica Kneip, Bell, 36-10. Discus— Cadie Kneip, Bell, 110-1. Javelin— Katie Woolsey, MS, 93-4. High jump— Summer Nash, MS, 4-10. Long jump— Stephanie Stoll, Issy, 15-9. Triple jump— Stephanie Stoll, Issy, 33-0 ¾. Pole vault— Head, Bell, 8-0. 100 hurdles— Elaine Tran, Issy, 16.0. 300 hurdles— Elaine Tran, Issy, 47.2. 100— Haley Jacobson, Issy, 12.5. 200— Haley Jacobson, Issy, 26.6. 400— Kaley Allison, Issy, 61.0. 800— Bonnie Young, Issy, 2: 



Newport 9, Mercer Island 0

Jessica Barry struck out 11 Islanders in seven innings, earning the shutout win as Newport beat Mercer Island 9-0.

Lauren Knapp picked up two RBIs for Newport (10-3 overall, 9-2 KingCo 3A). Kharis Goldman took the loss for Mercer Island (1-12, 0-9).


Skyline 6, Sammamish 0

Tia Corrales-Toy knocked in two RBIs as Skyline defeated Sammamish 6-0. Tina Jacobson took the loss for Sammamish (5-9, 4-7), while Ashley Smiley got the win for the Spartans (9-5, 8-4).

Interlake 10, Mercer Island 0

Nusha Ghassemakia went 3 for 3 and was a homerun short of hitting for the cycle, knocking in two runs and scoring two in Interlake’s 10-0 win over Mercer Island.

Taylor Carlson and Shelby Scott also each picked up two RBIs in the win for the Saints (7-7, 5-6). Sarah Sherman got the win.

Eastside Catholic 15, Holy Names 0

Ronnie Mae Ayers knocked in five runs as the Crusaders (12-1, 8-1) stormed past Holy Names in a four-inning shortened game.

The 15-run rule was called after Eastside scored six runs in the bottom of the fourth to take a 15-0 lead. Kelly Lloid got the win for the Crusaders.



Interlake 257, Issaquah 244

At Tam O’Shanter GC (par 36)

Individuals- 1, Brittany Tallman, Issy, 38 strokes; 2, Gabe Barnow, Int, 39; 3, Jessica Parker, Int, 46; 4, McKenzie Ballod, Int, 49; 5, Cori Burke, Issy, 50.



Skyline 5, Sammamish 4

Singles- Anissa Bryant-Swift, Sam, beat Kristin Klein, 6-1, 6-4; Claire Wolf, Sam, beat Millie Reinhardsen, 6-4, 6-4; Meg Reinhardsen, Sky, beat Malia Lum, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3; Sarah Dulin, Sky, beat Georgina Foster, 6-1, 6-4; Nicole Regan, Sam, beat Kari Thompson, 7-6 (7-5), 7-5; Molly Knutson, Sky, beat Sarah Reed, 6-1, 6-0.

Doubles- Bryant-Swift/Reed, Sam, beat Mi. Reinhardsen-Me. Reinhardsen, 6-1, 6-4; Klein-Dulin, Sky, beat Wolfe-Lum, 7-5, 6-2; Kelly Boudwin-Kristin Park, Sky, beat Jenny Whites-Holly Hunts, 6-2, 7-5.

Bishop Blanchet 8, Eastside Catholic 3

Boys singles- Spencer Goll, B, beat Max Anderson, 6-2, 6-3; David Hancock, B, beat Derek Newhof, 6-2, 6-1, Alex Schreve, B, beat Ian Linde, 6-3, 6-3.

Girls singles- Kirstie Franceschina, EC, beat Rebekah Ellison, 4-6, 6-1, 6-4; Claire Boyer, B, beat Monica Taylor, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, Emily Franceschina, EC, beat Caskey Cunningham, 6-2, 7-5.

Boys doubles- George Tercero-Peter Johnson, B, beat Brian Omilika-Conner Holden, 6-1, 6-2; Ian Turner-Caleb Beale, B, beat Mark Scafidi-Jake Peterson, 6-2, 6-3.

Girls doubles- Abby Barr-Beth Sobba, B, beat Moriah Bworkin-Britney Irwin, 7-5, 6-4; Erin Odland-Olivia Levis, B, beat Laura Shellooe-Tera Jannsuch, 6-1, 6-2.

Mixed doubles- Sarah Parasida-David Dingler, EC, beat Erin Wodnik-Chris Miller, 6-2, 4-6, 10-7.


Emily Lopez

Vault: 8.725/12th

Bars: 7.9/14th

Beam: 9.25/4th (tie)

Floor: 9.125/7th

All Around: 35.00/9th

Jacqueline Hamilton

Vault: 8.825/10th

Bars: 9.0/6th

Beam: 9.325/3rd

Floor: 9.050/8th

All Around: 36.2/6th

Audrey Ryals

Vault: 8.875/9th

Bars: 9.425/2nd

Beam: 8.75/13th

Floor: 9.250/6th (tie)

All Around: 36.3/6th

Level 10

Rebecca Engberg

Vault: 8.975/5th

Bars: 8.250/7th

Beam: 9.475/1st

Floor: 9.450/2nd

All Around: 36.150/4th

Emylie Chinen

Vault: 9.325/3rd

Bars: 9.150/4th

Beam: 9.5/3rd

Floor: 9.525/1st (tie)

All Around: 37.5/2nd

Stephanie Ponich

Vault: 9.3/4th

Bars: 9.350/3rd

Beam: 9.325/4th

Floor: 9.125/5th

All Around: 37.1/3rd Tied

Lenin Arguelles

Vault: 9.0/7th

Bars: 9.025/5th

Beam: 8.225/7th

Floor: 9.000/6th

All Around: 35.250/7th

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