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Protest is our ultimate trump card | Letter

  • Friday, December 2, 2016 3:31pm
  • Opinion

It’s hard to put in words how proud and grateful I am for Bellevue’s marching protestors, high school walkouts, college students and people across our nation speaking out for their rights as citizens.

I’m so thankful for rational, patriotic citizens whose very futures depend on free speech. Protest is our ultimate trump card since, in Constitutional America, love trumps hate. All are equal, so bravely march on! Be courageous and if you didn’t vote, or couldn’t vote this time, get registered to cast your ballot next year. The free world is waiting to see if we stand up to be counted for all our citizens. Ignorant buffoonery can’t be allowed in our nation’s Oval Office. Going backwards to racist, bigoted and hate-filled eras in our history is not an option for Americans. Racist demagogues have no right to be commander-in-chief.

Our freedom depends on being heard, proudly and clearly, demanding the same from elected officials. Governors and mayors may become our only bulwark for citizens’ frontline defense. Going back to America’s dark ages is not an option, as our nation will grow feeble and be a laughingstock of global democracies.

Happily on Election Day, a million-strong majority of voters cast ballots for freedom and honor in our White House. Authoritarian dictatorship by a commander-in-chief wasn’t acceptable to them. So keep marching and fight back. By protesting, we’ve shown fellow citizens who have been attacked and maligned that most of us respect and care about them. That may be our biggest victory of all time! We can be a kinder, gentler nation that will never discard our freedoms — if we choose!

Dwight Schrag


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