How to navigate the holidays with an eating disorder | Guest Column

The holidays can be tricky when dealing with family stress and expectations. And if you’re suffering from an eating disorder, or have a loved one… Continue reading

  • Dec 23, 2016

Magnet attracting more homeless to Bellevue? | Letter

While the proposed Eastside men’s shelter location near Bellevue College would seem to be an obvious concern, the location near the Eastgate Transit Center is… Continue reading

  • Dec 11, 2016

Something fishy going on with PSE | Letter

Who is regulating Puget Sound Energy? The claims regarding Energize Eastside simply not true. 1. PSE says that due to area growth, our electricity grid… Continue reading

  • Dec 10, 2016

Holiday gift idea: Help hungry kids | Letter

Thank you for publishing the letter to consider giving to our local charitable organizations. Another worthy nonprofit organization is Backpack Meals for Kids. Our volunteers… Continue reading

  • Dec 9, 2016

Top 10 Ways to make KCLS a part of your holiday celebrations | Book Nook

King County Library System is a tremendous resource all year round. From the Summer Reading Program to robotics classes to an armful of good books… Continue reading

  • Dec 9, 2016

Sound Publishing committed to supporting growing businesses | Publisher’s Desk

The Seattle area is home to professionals in a multitude of disciplines offering their expertise to those who are looking for opportunities to learn. We… Continue reading

Evenly divided Legislature inspires hope for moderates | The Petri Dish

Will the Roadkill Caucus be reborn in 2017? This is not idle conversation as the approaching legislative session could be epic in its length and… Continue reading

  • Dec 3, 2016

Holiday gift for you to consider | Letter

As most people start shopping for Christmas gifts, here is another thought for you to consider. If you really don’t need more stuff, and want… Continue reading

  • Dec 2, 2016

KCLS seeks input for proposed budget | Book Nook

King County Library System has a long history of strong support from its community. As an independent taxing district, KCLS provides citizens who live within… Continue reading

  • Dec 2, 2016

Protest is our ultimate trump card | Letter

It’s hard to put in words how proud and grateful I am for Bellevue’s marching protestors, high school walkouts, college students and people across our… Continue reading

  • Dec 2, 2016

Act of kindness gives faith in humanity | Letter

My wife, Emma, accidentally lost her wallet recently around 10 a.m. in the woman’s rest room at Wilburton Hill Park near the baseball fields. She… Continue reading

  • Nov 29, 2016

Bellevue class connects community, exceeds expectations | Reporter’s Notebook

It’s a strange thing to have expectations so thoroughly surpassed. When I signed up for Bellevue Essentials as a reporter looking into improving his ability… Continue reading

Teaching to hate | Letter

Will it ever stop? Back in the 1940s and 1950s, Southern white children were taught by their parents to hate the Negro. “Whites Only” signs… Continue reading

  • Nov 20, 2016

Bellevue should form America Assimilation Network | Letter

You reported that Bellevue has a “Diversity Initiative” and a Diversity Advisory Network. An immigrant friend suggested an America Assimilation Network too so he could… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2016

Potential men’s homeless shelter in Bellevue needs more analysis | Letter

I wrote the following to Next Door regarding the men’s homeless shelter being considered next to Bellevue College and the Eastgate Park and Ride. It… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2016

Thank you, Bellevue School District | Letter

This year I have children in three different schools: Puesta del Sol Elementary, Tillicum Middle and Newport High. As a result, I attended three different… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2016

Bellevue Council needs to review land use codes | Letter

During a recent public meeting on the Verizon Cell units project (16-129655-LA), which affects many areas of the city, we found out that our neighborhoods… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2016

The tech-savvy travelers’s guide | Technology for ‘Us’

It’s fall, the leaves are turning — and the tourists are gone. In other words, it’s a great time to take an international vacation. (The… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2016

Transfer Station project in Bellevue is outrageous | Letter

There are several businesses on Southeast 32nd Street in Bellevue (right next to the Transfer Station) that serve over 1,000 school-age children weekly. There is… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2016

What will we reap? | Guest column

We earned this. Whether you voted for President-Elect Donald Trump or not, you are a resident of the country that did. Our country. And our… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2016