Bellevue Reporter seeks new community columnists | Editor’s Note

Somewhere from deep within, there’s a twinge. It could have been

Carrie Rodriguez

Somewhere from deep within, there’s a twinge.

It could have been brought about by the jab of a city budget item or an unexpected election result. Whatever the reason, there’s now a nagging sensation aching to come out.

Though it’s unfamiliar and you’re not quite sure what it us, you can somewhat describe it.

Grab a pen — write it down. We want to hear what it is.

The Reporter seeks some community-minded columnists.

If you are interested in contributing to the civic discourse in Bellevue and you are passionate about our community, we want to hear from you.

Over the years, the Reporter has maintained a few regular columnists who have offered informative and entertaining opinions, including elected officials, business leaders and Sound Publishing’s own legislative commentator Jerry Cornfield.

We want to add some new community voices to the line-up, as engaging all of you in meaningful dialogue is at the core of what we do.

So what does a columnist do?

In addition to giving his or her opinion, columnists can write just about anything they so choose, as long as it is within the Reporter’s boundaries of good taste. But there is one caveat: We prefer that columnists bring a local perspective to an issue to fit our hyper-local news model.

We hope to elicit engaging writers who will reflect Bellevue’s diversity on our opinion pages. We encourage folks from all backgrounds, young and young-at-heart, right, left or in the middle of the political spectrum to apply.

Interested candidates should be willing to commit to writing one column per month, approximately 500 words. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at or 425-453-4233.

Why would you want to write a column for the Reporter? It’s a great opportunity to have your voice heard and to share your insights with thousands of readers.

And, of course, it’ll help you to ease that never-ending nagging that may otherwise keep you up at night.