Act of kindness gives faith in humanity | Letter

My wife, Emma, accidentally lost her wallet recently around 10 a.m. in the woman’s rest room at Wilburton Hill Park near the baseball fields.

She went back to search for her wallet but it was gone. All of her personal data was in the purse including a blank check, social security number, a half dozen credit cards, personal pictures and $55 in cash.

Around 4 p.m. that same day we heard a knock on our front door. It was a lady, Maia, with the purse in her hand. She said the custodian had gone into the rest room to clean up and noticed the wallet. He had picked it up and turned it in.

We were so grateful to Maia who went out of her way to hand deliver it to our house. After a good visit I offered to give her some money for her time, etc. but she refused it. The wallet was intact with nothing missing.

I am a senior in my 70s and can witness that this is one of the kindest acts I have experienced in a very long time. It gives one faith in humanity, especially now, with some much crime and corruption in our community and country.

Thanks to Maia for her kindness and the honest custodian who turned it in. We hope they are both recognized and well treated for their outstanding service.

H. Clay Freeman