No love lost between exes| Bellevue Police Blotter May 8 – May 12

May 8

NO LOVE LOST: A suspect attempted to contact his ex-girlfriend on Northeast 10th Street. She was with her new boyfriend and the ex- assaulted this new beau. the assailant was arrested and booked into jail for assault.

May 9

TRESPASS: Security at Bellevue College removed an individual who had been trespassed from the campus for assaulting another student. Police arrested the subject without incident.

EVICTION: Several entities, including Washington State Patrol and property owners arrived at two properties on Newport Way which were being prepared for eviction. The former residents arrived while the police were there and asked to remove some personal belongings. While doing so, officers ran plates of junk vehicles on the property. One was stolen. Officers provided security while the property was boarded and chained up.

May 10

SLEEP ON IT: A resident on Northeast 38th Street called police after he saw someone seemingly passed out in his vehicle. Officers arrived and tried to rouse the man. He awoke suddenly and began acting aggressively while rummaging in the car. The subject was detained and his car searched with consent. A residual amount of heroin was found within.

May 11

ROAD RASH: A woman on Pleasure Point Lane was rolling around in the road and screaming suicidal things. She was intoxicated and taken to the hospital.

TRESPASS: A suspect was trespassing at the mall and a bike cop responded and arrested the suspect. In his possession were multiple stolen items from Seattle and the Eastside as well as burglary tools.

May 12

BRO CODE VIOLATION: Two men got in a fistfight on Bellevue Way after a night of drinking when one took clandestine pictures of the man and his wife.