Election results: Nieuwenhuis, Zahn, City Council and legislative incumbents take the lead in local races

The first wave of general election results were released at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Bellevue City Council

In the Bellevue City Council race for Position No. 2, incumbent Conrad Lee takes the lead with 12,349 votes or 69.4 percent of total votes.

Randy Grein’s votes were 5,429 or 30.5 percent of all votes.

For Position No. 4, Jared Nieuwenhuis leads with 9,557 votes or 54 percent of total votes.

Karol Brown’s votes were 8,141 or 46 percent of all votes.

Janice Zahn, for Position No. 5, took home 10,463 votes or 59.3 percent of all votes, while her contender Phillip Yin had 7,160 votes or 40.6 percent of votes.

For Position No. 6, incumbent Lynne Robinson took the lead with 9,785 votes or 55.7 percent of total votes.

Steven Fricke’s votes were 7,778 or 44.3 percent of all votes.

Bellevue School Board

Erica Melief will take Director District 3 with 12,379 votes, as she had no opposition. And incumbent My-Linh Thai takes the lead with 11,027 votes or 67.6 percent of all votes. Hugh Gladner received 5,281 votes or 32.4 percent.

48th Legislative District

In the 48th Legislative District, Representative Position No. 1 race, incumbent Vandana Slatter, a Democrat, takes the lead with 12,139 votes or 72.7 percent of total votes.

Ciaran Dougherty, a Libertarian, received 4,552 votes or 27.3 percent of total votes.

In the state Senator race for District 48, incumbent Patty Kuderer, a Democrat, also takes the lead with 11,555 votes or 67.9 percent of total votes.

Michelle Darnell, a Libertarian, received 5,474 votes or 32.2 percent of total votes.

King County Elections will post regular updates. The next ballot count is scheduled for 4 p.m. Nov. 8.

For more information, visit www.kingcounty.gov/elections.

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