Cyber-education: Bellevue police Blotter May 29 – June 4

May 29

PROWLERS: Car dealership employees called police with a report of thieves repeatedly prowling their vehicles at night. The suspects returned in a red Acura and the employees recognized them. Officers stopped the vehicle before the suspects back out of the lot recklessly, hopped a curb and drove south into Factoria. officers did not pursue.

May 30

BOMB THREAT: A travel agency received a threat of a bomb via a printed document on their network printer over the weekend. An officer took the information to build a case.

May 31

CASH ME INSIDE: A suspect passed a counterfeit $100 bill at a Factoria store.

June 1

CYBER-EDUCATION: A man went to the Department of Education at the Federal Building in Seattle upset about a Bellevue College school loan. He rambled about a cyber implant and mind control. Staff told him they could not help him and he subsequently made a threat to the college.

TABLE THE ISSUE: The suspect showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s place and was upset she was with her new boyfriend. He decided the best course of action was to throw a table at the couple. It was not. He was arrested for assault.

ONE FOR THE ROAD: Multiple police and fire welfare checks were made on a man in the Crossroads area. He was lying on the ground with his feet in the road. He demanded police return his “deer knife with gutting hook,” which was next to him.

PACKING: A bike officer stopped a subject for a traffic violation. In the course of the stop, the subject admitted to smoking heroin before driving. The officer found drugs and a loaded handgun in the vehicle.

June 2

WEED RATHER NOT: A man approached a group of youths and asked to smoke marijuana with them. They declined the invitation. This upset the adult, who then attacked one of the juveniles. They defended themselves and backed him into a corner before calling the police to arrest the man.

June 3

DRUNK FIGHT: The victim came to the police station to report an assault. The victim had been drinking with the suspect and then got into an argument which escalated to violence.

June 4

FALSE FLAG: A person called 911 after witnessing a message reading “I will kill you Muslim Children, get out of the church” on a whiteboard on a church on 156th Avenue Northeast. An officer responded and spoke to the reporting party, who said a group of children from the Islamic community had written the message as a joke. An 8-year-old girl admitted to writing the message.

ALIGN CHAKRAS: A burglar who broke into a yoga studio on Southeast 38th Street was detained. The officer found a concealed pouch with heroin inside. He was placed under arrest.

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