Bellevue couple of 50+ years reflects on early romance, secret to long-lasting love

  • Tue Feb 14th, 2017 1:30am
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Dennis Nobis was stationed at the U.S. Airforce Hospital Station in Osan Korea in October of 1959 when “a Korean gentleman I was working with, whose name was Han, said,’ We got three new nurses in last night. I thought, why do I care?” All the nurses had been male up until then.

“Han said, ‘These are women and two are very cute.’ We went over to where they were working and Han introduced me. Right away, I knew Chu was the one. A couple of days later, I went with Han to the movies at the base. I asked Han to invite Chu,” Dennis said.

Meanwhile, Chu was thinking how skinny and young Dennis looked (Dennis is two years younger).

Over the course of the next many months, they went on many “triple dates” with Han being the willing interpreter. And Dennis found and created many opportunities to cross paths with Chu at the hospital where they both worked.

They we’re married August 1962 which makes for nearly 55 years together. Dennis and Chu agree that the secret to a lifetime of love for them is “patience, humor and kindness.”

Submitted by Ellen Goldblatt, director of spiritual care at Aegis of Bellevue