A gem from the Gem State| Bellevue Police Blotter May 1 – May 6

May 1

SILVER GUN: A suspect entered a store on Northeast 8th Street and shoplifted an item from the store. Employees witnessed this and followed him to the parking lot. He then pulled a silver handgun out of his pants and threatened the employees. He escaped but was located the next day and arrested.

ASSAULT: A man approached a woman on Bellevue Way and offered her $100 to “go to the bathroom” with him. When she refused, he tried to grab her arm and drag her there. The victim’s friend intervened and a scuffle ensued.

May 2

A GEM FROM THE GEM STATE: Officers responded to a call regarding a man who was wanted in Idaho. When they arrived he was gone, but a search of the area located the man and after a brief struggle were able to arrest him. He will be extradited back to Idaho.

DRUG USE: Officers approached a subject in Robinswood Park. He was found to have hypodermic needles and trace amounts of methamphetamine. He was booked on drug paraphernalia charges.

May 3

ROID RAGE: The suspect used a kettlebell to smash a large plate glass window of a business on Northeast 8th Street. He expressed his hatred for the company which owned the property. A security guard tried to intervene and the suspect tackled him and yelled several slurs.

KNIFE TO MEET YOU: A suspect was chasing the victim around a parking lot on Northeast 8th Street while wielding a knife. The victim armed himself with a metal rod and struck his assailant in the head. The suspect was arrested.

May 4

FORGERY: An officer pulled over a vehicle with expired tags. The driver was a well-known burglar and prowler in the area and was arrested after the officer recognized the vehicle as one which fled the scene of a crime the previous week. The man had counterfeit bills in his pocket and a “realistic-looking” BB gun under his seat. The vehicle was full of items the officer believed to be stolen.

TAKE A HIT AND RUN: Suspects were witnessed crashing into a dumpster with their vehicle, taking turns driving and fleeing the scene. Officers pulled the couple over later for erratic driving and realized it was the same two who had hit the dumpster. The male driver offered the officer a “hit” of the marijuana joint he was smoking. She declined. They were arrested for DUI and hit-and-run.

May 5

TRAMPLE: The victim and his friend were playing Magic The Gathering at Bellevue College and listening to music when a man approached them, claimed he was dean of the college and demanded they turn off their music. They asked to see his identification and he attacked them. He was arrested for assault.

May 6

THEFT: A homeless man was robbed by three other homeless men on Northeast 6th Street. Officers arrived and arrested the three after busting a window in a vehicle to extract them.