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Why isn’t Bellevue Council mandating viable parking solution? | Letter

Can someone explain to me why is it that the Mercer Island City Council is the only government entity that is upset about the solution that Sound Transit developed for the closure of the South Bellevue Park and Ride lot. My understanding from the Reporter’s article on Jan. 6 is the council’s plan is to ask 500-plus commuters to go to other lots in Bellevue/Renton or to carpool.

Why isn’t the Bellevue City Council mandating a viable solution? The 550 bus route is the only route that runs on an optimal basis that allows the commuter to develop a strategy if an emergency should come about or if a basic doctor appointment must be managed.

In Factoria, the service for the 210 route was reduced and then eliminated a few years ago. The Eastgate Park and Ride has limited to no availability after 7:30 a.m. How many buses do you want me to take or how many miles must I drive to a park and ride lot to get to downtown Seattle? Do I have to wait five years for a solution? If this is their plan, then I have no faith in Sound Transit’s ability to develop transit solutions for the future.

Sharman Williams