Tired of media, politicians giving credibility to hate groups | Letter

I am sick and tired of the news media, politicians and anyone else who can get a bully pulpit, giving creditability to the different misfit hate groups by listing the name of the group who has a protest. Take away their identity and arrest each individual who causes harm or destruction, and who incites rioting. Hate is repulsive whether directed towards people of any skin color, religious groups, politicians, police or anyone else. Hate leads to violence, which leads to destruction or death. Deny all groups an identity and take away their power.

Martin Luther King, Jr. set the standard on how to protest and bring about change in our society. Unfortunately, very few groups meet that standard — they protest with hate in their eyes and with a mindset of beating someone to a pulp or causing maximum destruction, and in many cases, they hide behind a covering over their face. They belong in jail.

Larry Brickman