Thank you for support of Bellevue school levies | Letter

A letter from Superintendent Dr. Ivan Duran.

I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support and trust in the Bellevue School District. Your approval of the three local levies will ensure that all Bellevue students receive an education that prepares them for success in college, career, and life.

Bellevue is a wonderfully diverse community full of promise and potential. Our district has achieved success on many levels. With your support of the three local levies, we will be able to provide additional opportunities for our students to achieve success.

Specifically, the Enrichment and Operations levy will allow us to continue funding seventh period classes at our middle schools and high schools, music and art at our elementary schools and additional staff at all of our schools, including teacher coaches and student resource officers, to ensure that our students have access to safe and supportive learning environments.

The Capital and Technology levy will allow us to provide technology that will prepare our students for success in the workplace of the future and will ensure that our school buildings have adequate space and facilities for all of our students to learn.

The School Bus levy will allow us to update our aging fleet and add additional bus routes to provide our students with safe and comfortable transportation to and from school.

As we move forward, we invite all of you to continue working with us as we build our future financial plans for the district. In April, we will launch our Finance Community Advisory Group. We will look to this group to provide feedback and input into our spending plans to ensure that we are using our funding in a way that demonstrates our financial responsibility to our students, staff and community. Thank you for supporting all of our students.

Dr. Ivan Duran


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