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Senior lives matter too | Letter

You’re killing the geese who laid the golden eggs for the last five-plus decades.

My wife and I are both seniors in our 70s. We bought a house in Lochmoor (east of Crossroads) in 1979. We live in the same house today.

We have always paid our taxes, raised two children both who are now college graduates, volunteered through our church, BelPres, help feed the poor, coached Little League and have added value to our neighborhood and city by being responsible citizens who really care.

Today we see more and more funding for the homeless (free housing, medical, etc.) while we sit retired on a fixed income. Oh, and undocumented immigrants are treated like house guests — some who burn our flag and protest against our country.

Doesn’t anyone care about us seniors? We made the community safe. We paid our dues for the past 50-plus years. We know of two retired families who have been forced to move because of the high cost of living here. Both lived in Bellevue.

What happened a few years back when some of us were “under water” with our housing cost? Did you reduce real estate taxes — heaven NO.

Politicians, business owners, and the like: if you really care about the community and our country — SAVE our seniors.

Give them a break and quit taxing us year after year. You’re killing the geese who laid the golden eggs for the last five-plus decades.

Henry Freeman


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