No food allowed in library | Letter

I have been very concerned now about library users bringing in food while using library computers. Today the key board I am typing on is so clogged with food particles it actually has an odor. When I have in the past brought my concerns to library staff, their response was that they have to be inclusive.

I have also used computers at the Cathedral City Library and the West Los Angeles Library as well as one in Palm Springs and none of them allow food in the library.

One should wonder what impact allowing food and drinks in the library has on the health of other library users. If we are going to allow food and drinks in the library, then I insist that instead of my tax dollars going overseas to start wars and support other governments, that those monies instead go to hiring people to clean up the library each night. I would also insist the homeless be given shelter so they don’t find it necessary to come to the library to wash up, etc.

I would have a computer at home if the government would allow expenses to be fully tax deductible, which leads to another concern: why are corporations that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled as having the same rights as people given special treatment when it comes to paying taxes?

George Whitaker