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Janice Zahn has vision that Bellevue needs | Letter

I am writing to express my endorsement for Janice Zahn’s election to the Bellevue City Council. Janice has the integrity and the vision that our city government needs and that our citizens deserve. I am confident she will serve our city with an open mind and a willingness to engage in the difficult issues Bellevue faces.

My knowledge about Janice’s qualifications for the job comes from working with her on the Bellevue Transportation Commission. I saw firsthand how well-prepared Janice was for our meetings and how she analyzed the issues that were presented to our commission. She asked thoughtful and relevant questions with a sharp eye for problem solving. She was respectful to the public, the staff and the other members on the commission.

I also have known Janice through our day jobs together at the Port of Seattle. Janice is well known and widely respected throughout the organization for her leadership and for being someone who gets things done. Her campaign is based on inclusion, integrity and innovation. These values have guided the way she’s conducted herself at the Port for decades. Janice is genuine and lives these qualities every day. Janice will be a wonderful addition to our council. She has my vote and I hope she’ll have yours.

Tom Tanaka


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