Inslee is rolling out the welcome mat to refugees | Letter

Here goes Gov. Jay Inslee yet again. He wants to defy President Donald Trump’s administration and accept all unvetted “refugees.”

One question: Who does he expect to pay for all this? Answer: You the tax-paying citizen of Washington. Since over 95 percent of all “refugees” immediately go on the public dole, that’s a logical conclusion. Inslee is trying every which way he can to increase the tax burden: i.e. income tax, mileage tax, carbon tax, road fees, car tab increase and sales tax. And the list goes on — all to pay for Inslee’s “imports.” Of course, one tax you will never see from Inslee is the Indian Casino tax. Ask him why.

In rolling out the welcome mat to these so-called refugees, Inslee has put the citizens of Washington in the crosshairs of every person bent on terror across the globe. Why not go to a place that defies the federal government and will not ask embarrassing questions. Or any questions. The short-sightedness of these decisions falls directly on Inslee. And the consequences of these same decisions falls on the citizens of Washington.

Denny Andrews


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