Expect a circus | Letter

Former President George W. Bush recently gave a “spot-on” speech. We haven’t heard much from him lately, but he obviously has been observant and thinking about what has been going on in our nation these days. We are not better for the leadership of “The Donald.” Our standing in the world is badly shaken. Without naming Trump, Bush has voiced some troubling concerns, shared by many Americans.

The Donald is attempting to run the country like he ran his businesses. It’s not working. Loyalty is the first thing he asks of his appointees, who are sworn to uphold the Constitution. He is a bigot, a braggart, and a bully. Bad actors are taking cues from this man. Like-minded scum is emboldened. He is supremely unsuited for this office, in temperament, knowledge, integrity, intelligence and wisdom. Some committee has got to leverage a look at his tax returns. Someone has said that he is quite like Kim Jong Un. They both behave like a couple of 9-year-olds calling each other names on the playground. Adults in the room seem unable to get him under control. The stakes are dangerously high.

It’s a travesty how easy it has been for Trump to dismantle so much of Obama’s legacy. Environmental protections and pollution controls are biting the dust. Climate change – fake news? He and his minions have even hacked away at women’s access to birth control and requirements for disclosure to college students with high-interest loans. The Muslim travel ban was re-worked three times and invalidated all three times. I find it heartwarming that so many states individually have re-stated their commitment to some of these things. How many lawsuits have been filed by state attorneys general against the federal government? Someone should count. Washington state alone has brought nine. Our courts are going to be really busy in coming times.

Trump’s first wife, mother of his first three kids, has said that she speaks with him every couple of weeks and frequently tells him to stop talking so much. Bravo! It used to be that his style of speaking included frequently repeating things for emphasis. These days, he is saying things three times. It gives him more time to think about what to say next.

Regarding health care: Mr. Donald and Republicans — we do not trust you to repeal and replace. So, you have retaliated by taking the wheels off the bus. Advertising has been slashed and funding to insurers, no longer guaranteed. What you don’t get is that this is not about bailing out the insurance companies. This is about providing a safety net for low-income families who would otherwise again, swamp our hospitals for charity care or have no care at all. We are so proud of our Sen. Patty Murray for her recent leadership in creating a solution in the Senate, with bi-partisan support. We can only hope it works.

Seen on a T-shirt: “Elect a clown.”

Expect a circus.

Donna Onat


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