#EnoughKingCounty | Letter

King County resident has this to say about property tax hike.

We just received our King County tax bill for 2018. It must be nice to be a governmental agency that can increase someone’s taxes by 19 percent and there is barely a whimper from the public. We certainly aren’t earning 19 percent more in 2018 than we did in 2017. When is someone going to hold King County accountable to taxpayers instead of allowing them to act as if they have a blank check to spend what they desire?

King County will try and blame the Legislature due to the school funding tax. However, King County has raised our taxes an average 11.7 percent per year since 2014. Also, isn’t it interesting that we received our tax bills AFTER the school levy election? It is time for a King County Taxpayers Union. #EnoughKingCounty

David Stevens


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