Congress is failing to look out for the interests of the people | Letter

So far after more than 75 days in office Donald Trump and the Congress have done nothing to address the core of problems here in America and that is the ever increasing economic inequality. The top 1 percent continue to take the bulk of new income as workers and retirees are being settled with more and more debt and high prices for everything from paying for coffee or a newspaper (Seattle Times just increased the cost of a daily from $1 to $1.50) to paying for rent, food, services, etc.

The Press, which should be the voice of the people, remains quite silent in regard to how much most people are hurt by the failure of Congress to look out for the interest of people over businesses and billionaires who are openly running the country and writing policies.

Once again I volunteer to be included in the writing of new tax policies to ensure that people are not looked over in favor of giving more breaks to corporations and those who run them. New tax policies must take into consideration that those who have been hurt by past government policies such as red lining and other forms of discrimination be given tax breaks. Other groups such as gays, etc. should also be compensated for past and current losses due to government policies. Anyone with losses not covered by insurance should be allowed to fully deduct those losses.

I would even go so far as to state that insurance premiums be fully deductible since a lot of us never come close to receiving what we pay out each year.

George Whitaker