Bellevue should join clean energy initiative | Letter

I was pleased to see the prominent coverage of Al Gore’s climate reality training here in Bellevue. As both a Bellevue resident and a training participant, I want our community to seize the momentum of hosting a prominent climate event to propel our city forward as a leader on climate change.

As a mom and concerned citizen of the planet, I want Bellevue to join the 100 percent clean energy initiative. This is our opportunity to take a local stand to join the vision of 100 percent clean and renewable energy in Bellevue. The Northwest prides itself on its natural beauty and environmentally savvy mindset. I want our politicians to step up and combat this potential threat to our future existence. We must demand our energy providers shift to 100 percent clean energy and implement best practices in our parks, schools, etc. We must challenge current ways and do what’s right by implementing environmentally sustainable practices into daily culture. In an affluent city filled with Teslas, let’s not only drive them for their cool image, but also take it a step further and challenge how our homes and communities run.

Wendy Dubrow