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Bellevue needs stance on supporting legal immigration only | Letter

Like most Americans, I believe strongly in immigration. We are a country of immigrants and even those we call “Native Americans” actually immigrated to this great land. The gift of the Statue of Liberty from France with her wonderful inscription is a reminder of who we are and how we are thought of throughout the world.

However, we are also a country of laws. The rule of law is paramount to a free and prosperous society. Allowing school districts, cities or states to decide which laws they want to follow and which they don’t is a dangerous precedent and one that needs to stop. We have a process to modify or even eliminate laws and failure to follow it can lead to anarchy.

The city of Bellevue needs to take a stand and explain while it strongly supports legal immigration, they will not condone anything that is seen as flaunting the law of the land.

David Stevens