Bellevue Brewing Company backs off former Staples location in Issaquah

After seemingly locking down a location for Bellevue Brewing Company in Issaquah, owner John Robertson today said the deal was off.

Robertson had previously spoken to Reporter staff announcing his brewery’s expansion into the former Staples building in Historic Olde Town Issaquah.

“Real estate is one of the more complicated aspects of operating a brewing enterprise,” Robertson, said in a press release before explaining why the location wouldn’t work as previously believed. “Excessive cost, no option to acquire the property, and future renewal risks were the primary reasons.”

Bellevue Brewing Company was founded in 2012 and operates the brewery, taproom and restaurant on 130th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue. It announced in a Jan. 27 press release that it is “exploring the feasibility of a second, much larger location” at the former Staples building, located at 628 Front St. N. in Issaquah.

“After working diligently through this process for almost a year, it just didn’t come together. It was a very difficult conclusion to reach but abandoning our pursuit was the right decision,” Robertson said. “Regardless, it’s still a bummer, but it’s real estate and these things happen. However the BBC team and I remain undaunted and are committed to redoubling our efforts to find a home in Issaquah. Stay tuned!”

He said that the efforts of the Issaquah residents, business owners, Mayor Fred Butler and Issaquah Chamber of Commerce were all supportive and he hopes to find a suitable location soon.

“Just like the hops that once grew in the Issaquah Valley in the 1800s, we intend to put down long-term roots by opting to purchase rather than lease a property in this wonderful community,” Robertson said.