John Carlson

Transportation: two ways to go

Every once in a while, an election comes along that decides not just the next four years but the next 20. When it comes to transportation, 2008 will be one of those years.

Why people don’t trust government | John Carlson

There is a mood developing ... you can almost feel it ... of increasing anger toward government borne of mistrust. It’s not just about taxes,… Continue reading

John Carlson | Is the state budget really that bad?

A couple of weeks ago I attended a town hall where a trio of Eastside legislators warned darkly about the huge deficits facing state government… Continue reading

Carlson: Yes to I-985

For years now, people who oppose building or expanding roads have insisted that all we need to do is make better use of existing roads. Sure enough, along comes Initiative 985 to do just that. And who’s leading the opposition? The anti-roads coalition.

What about the ballot issues? | John Carlson

Do you know many ballot issues you’ll be facing this November? Twelve: Three statewide initiatives, one regional vote on light rail and eight proposed amendments to the King County Charter (or constitution), some of which matter a lot. How should you vote? Glad you asked.

Who should McCain pick for VP? | John Carlson

A few weeks ago I surveyed the major contenders being named for Barack Obama’s running mate and concluded that he will likely select a popular governor in a swing state. Why a governor? Because anything associated with Washington, D.C., is toxic. President Bush’s popularity is in the 20s and the popular rating for Congress is 9 percent!

How to drive a liberal woman crazy

I understand why some people oppose John McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and why they disagree with her. But I’m astonished at the brazen hypocrisy of liberals (most of them women) who are seething with anger and hatred towards her. I’ve been around politics for 30 years and I’ve never seen such unhinged hypocrisy in all my life.

John Carlson | Is your son TOO high tech?

Yes, we live better lives - in some cases much better lives - because of technology. But when does a wired world become a little… Continue reading

John Carlson | How NOT to reform health care

Over the past couple of months I’ve written two columns about health care reforms that actually hold down costs while improving people’s health care. One… Continue reading

John Carlson | Do you want ‘fairness’ or ‘freedom’ on radio?

Let’s start where everyone agrees. There are far more conservative voices on the radio than liberal voices. Most people digest this morsel of information with… Continue reading

Why are low gas prices bad?

Most people who read this column drive, so here’s an early Christmas present: Log onto and you’ll find the lowest price of gasoline in your community. Just click on the name of your hometown. Right now, it’s selling for $1.59 in Auburn, $1.60 in Covington, $1.62 in Kent, $1.77 in Bellevue, $1.89 in Redmond, and $1.64 in Renton. Five months ago it was more than $4 a gallon. Nice trend.

The week that changed politics | John Carlson

On the last day of Barack Obama’s first year as President, the voters of Massachusetts, one of the few states more reliably Democratic than Washington,… Continue reading

John Carlson | SB 5292: Free the prisoners?

A few weeks ago I alerted Reporter readers to a startling state Senate proposal that would erase the life terms of nearly half the state’s 292 “Three Strikes, You're Out” inmates, setting more than 80 of them free immediately. The legislation, SB 5292, passed out of committee with the support of Eastside Sen. Rodney Tom.

John Carlson | Why people climb Mt. Rainier

Have you ever gazed at Mount Rainier on a cloudless day and wondered what it would take to climb it?Well, picture a hill the height… Continue reading

John Carlson| Are more guns better for us?

Is our society safer or less safe because of guns?On “60 Minutes” last Sunday, Leslie Stahl focused on the “gun show loophole” that supposedly makes… Continue reading

Slade Gorton is back in the game against terrorism | John Carlson

When the media went looking for an authority on national security after the attempted airline bombing on Christmas Day, they called a US Senator from… Continue reading

Anti-cop rhetoric ‘more than idiocy’ | John Carlson

It’s not unusual to walk into a Starbucks and see several cops sitting at tables chatting while on break or getting ready to go on shift. Nor is it unusual to see a squad car pulled over by the side of the road, with an officer talking to his partner or jotting down notes. These are the moments in an officer’s workday where he or she can feel safe.

John Carlson | Susan Hutchison for County Executive

When Jennifer Dunn first ran for public office, many people scoffed. Yes she was attractive, even a bit glamorous. Yes she was articulate. But her… Continue reading