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Jean Floten | We must train our own for the jobs at home’

Did you know that, just before the recession hit, 25,000 Washington businesses reported problems finding enough job applicants with bachelor’s degrees?This distressing fact came to… Continue reading


Jean Floten | Minor edit points to major potential

Changing our name to Bellevue College, from Bellevue Community College, required only a minor edit. Yet the change embodies a major and potentially transformational expansion… Continue reading


In beating disabilities they show us the way | Jean Floten

In this season of caring and hope, I would like to share the moving story of two young men whose futures, far more than most… Continue reading


Cast a vote for higher education

When we reconstitute our government this fall through the remarkable exercise of American democracy, we will shape the future not only with regard to controversial issues, but also for widely supported, crucial institutions such as higher education.

Bellevue CC president: Teachers weave living fabric of society

To a great extent it is teachers who instill the passion to pursue one’s dreams and the zeal to continue learning which, combined with academics and practical skills, are key to a successful life. I see the profound and enduring impact of teachers every day at Bellevue Community College.

Cutting worker retraining is a surefire budget backfire | Jean Floten

In the past I have told you how community college job-skills training programs have helped people build entirely new careers after a layoff. I have… Continue reading

In giving, we express uniquely American values | Jean Floten

Something quite remarkable happened last month. A crowd of 860 people – twice the number who took part last year – converged on Meydenbauer Center to contribute a total of $278,000 to support Bellevue College and our students. That’s a $43,000 increase over last year, despite the fact that giving nationwide is down more than 5 percent.

‘Quintuple whammy’ threatens BCC

It’s horrifically ironic.